Future Plans for the Site

In the interest of using this site more and hopefully adding to our goal to successfully overtake the internet, there are few future plans for the site. I have listed them below and here’s hoping to make this site of benefit to all of you and to your growth in Jesus Christ.


Starting next week, every Monday I will post notes of the previous Sunday’s sermon and the recording of that sermon, hopefully allowing you to reflect on the message. It will also help us maintain the database of sermons on this site more consistently. I will be posting recorded sermons throughout this week, but as a way of catching up to where we are currently.


Tuesday is a very theological day, as it begins with a ‘T’. So in honour of that I will post short articles on a theological topic, varied as my whims take me. This will be for reflection or for growth or for some healthy debate, or just for some light reading and fun.


Starting today, (the article will be posted later) we will look at men and women who are great examples to us of how we should be living as Christians. This will not be in chronological order, but simply as I look through the history of the church. There will stories of martyrs, pastors, missionaries, politicians, house wives, musicians etc, all of which I hope will encourage you in your Christian walk.


On Thursdays I will post prayers throughout the centuries, also with the aim to encourage us in the Lord and to reflect on our prayer life with Him.


Because other sites have done it (and yes I did start this sentence with a conjunction), I thought I’d steal that idea and have a Weekly Wrap Up of some of the weeks Christian news or stories or articles etc.


Other changes hopefully coming soon to this site will be updated information pages, including the leadership of the church and specific ministry links. It is my hope that we use this facility more and it becomes very beneficial to those who visit.

Blessings and have a great day.

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