The Conversion and Ministry of George Mueller

George Mueller was born in Prussia in the early 1800’s. He grew up a wayward child, misusing his father’s money and often stealing from him. He had little parental oversight and spent much of his time in living as however he would. He was confirmed in the Lutheran church, but was still very far from the Lord.

His father desired that he be a clergymen so that he would be well looked after and pushed into those studies. He was a diligent student, studying hard, but also full of rebellion. During this time he wound up in prison for a day for theft and continued drinking heavily and committing acts of debauchery.

He travelled to Switzerland, cheating even his companions then into paying a portion for him and forging documents so he could cross into the country, and continued his studies. It was here that one of his friends had become repentant and started to attend a Bible Study. George desired to come and see and went along with his friend. He was disturbed by what he saw, real piety and commitment to the Lord. It affected him greatly.

In his own words:

“The time was now come when God would have mercy upon me. At a time when I was as careless about Him as ever, He sent His Spirit into my heart. I had no Bible and had not read one for years. I went to church but seldom; but, from custom, I took the Lord’s Supper twice a year. I had never heard the gospel preached. I had never met with a person who told me that he meant, by the help of God, to live according to the Holy Scriptures. In short, I had not the least idea that there were any persons really different from myself.”

His life was changed forever as he met his Saviour.

After his studies, he moved to London where he began to preach and minister, learning to speak English fluently. He married a woman named Mary Grove and together they decided to rely on God alone to provide for them, without asking people for money. George simply placed a box in the chapel without any sign or prompting and they left their requests to God and him alone.

God graciously led them and looked after them both privately and in the great ministry they undertook.

George started a ministry to Schools and Orphanages, desiring to make one himself. Through prayer, people began giving and volunteering and in the space of two years he had opened three orphanage houses.

A famous story relates God’s faithfulness to the Mueller’s and their ministry:

 One morning the plates and cups and bowls on the table were empty. There was no food in the larder, and no money to buy food. The children were standing waiting for their morning meal, when Mueller said, “Children, you know we must be in time for school.” Lifting his hand he said, “Dear Father, we thank Thee for what Thou art going to give us to eat.” There was a knock on the door. The baker stood there, and said, “Mr. Mueller, I couldn’t sleep last night. Somehow I felt you didn’t have bread for breakfast and the Lord wanted me to send you some. So I got up at 2 a.m. and baked some fresh bread, and have brought it.” Mueller thanked the man. No sooner had this transpired when there was a second knock at the door. It was the milkman. He announced that his milk cart had broken down right in front of the Orphanage, and he would like to give the children his cans of fresh milk so he could empty his wagon and repair it. No wonder, years later, when Mueller was to travel the world as an evangelist, he would be heralded as “the man who gets things from God!”

His ministry in establishing many orphanages and 117 schools touched the hearts of many children, thousands coming to the Lord and his steadfastness in prayer and dependence upon the Lord is a great encouragement and example to us as Christians.


“Be assured, if you walk with Him and look to Him, and expect help from Him, He will never fail you.”

George Mueller


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