A Prayer of John Newton

Alas! most gracious Lord, what shall I say?

I have nothing to offer for all Thy goodness but new confessions of my guilt.

That thou art kind to the unthankful and the evil I am one of the most remarkable instances.

Forgive me, I beseech Thee, this year of misspent life, and charge me not with the long abuse of Thy bounty.

I owe Thee ten thousand talents, and have nothing to pay,

yet I entreat Thee to have patience with me;

not for that it will be ever in my power to make any amends by the best I can do,

but because my Saviour Jesus Christ, Thy beloved Son, has done and suffered more than sufficient to atone for all my offences, and to supply all my defects.

Let me plead his merits on behalf of myself and Forgive us all that is amiss,

and bless the beginning year to us in turning us from all our iniquities,

and give us grace to confirm our former resolutions of serving thee,

and order all our concerns to the advancing thy glory and our spiritual interests.

Taken from http://www.forgottenbooks.com/readbook_text/John_Newton_of_Olney_and_St_Mary_Woolnoth_1000227791/59


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